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If you haven’t come over to my new blog, please come check it out! Here’s what you missed this week (just click the titles so you don’t have to be left out anymore!)

Money Saving Monday – A great deal on Huggies diapers/wipes

Target Tuesday – Score some cheap games for your kids at Target

Weekly Deal Wednesday – My favorite deals at Publix this shopping week
Win It Wednesday – Presented by Tuckers Take Tennesse; great giveaways!

Tackle It Thursday – My list of this I really needed to tackle

Favorite Five Friday – Top 5 picks of my favorite things this week


Officially moved!

My blog will now be continued over at So *please* go there and check out all the great stuff!!


The Blog Is Moving!

I have been wanting to make this change for awhile now, and it is finally time!

Starting Monday Feb. 1st, my blog will now be done on Blogger. Since this blog is currently too large to move over, I will not be deleting it, and it will always be here for reference.

I’m working on finishing touches and details now, and will post up the new link Monday morning (although my domain is just going to be transferred to the new blog so those who come here just by you will be automatically redirected).

I am unsure of how this will effect my subscribers, if at all. Just in case, when the move takes place, please re-subscribe and become a Google Friend Follower! I apologize for any inconvenience, but this is truly so that I can have the abilities to make my blog look like how I’d like it to and have features not available here.

See ya Monday!

Other peoples groceries…

Let me start this off by saying we live in an apartment complex and my desk faces a window on the first floor. I just said to the hubs the other day, it’s interesting that with all these people we never see anyone else unloading groceries. Ever.

So as I am sitting here working on details for my new blog (to be revealed in the very near future!), I look out the window and what do I see? GASP! It is people unloading their groceries! I cannot help but wonder… did they pay full price? Do they even know how much they could be saving? Then I catch the store name on their bags: Wal*Mart. I’m horrified. They could be at Publix saving hundreds of dollars! If I looked decent, I think I would have run out there and talked to them about it. But then, I guess that could come off as rude. I just hate seeing families spend soooo much when they could be saving it. I’ll just have to sit here and hope they used some coupons…..

Free Avery Label Pad

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Brought to you by Box Tops For Education.

Thanks to Moms Need To Know for posting this!

Publix Savings – 1/27

Boy were we lazy this week. Nobody in this house had the motivation to go to the store. We have just been so busy with all this other stuff (and I have some great projects in the works!!) that it left no energy for shopping. But alas, I didn’t want to miss any of the sales, so we dragged ourselves out last night. Had a decent trip I think. Since we’re doing this weeks real shopping on Sat. I didn’t need or get much. Just got some breakfast stuff, pantry stuff, and of course free/overage items. I think my cashier missed 2 coupons but my daughters sock fell and I started messing with that… ah well. I got $186 worth of stuff for $18 ($6.95 was tax). Not too shabby I think.  But no time for excitement, it’s time to start planning my Saturday trip!

Your chance for free Cheerios

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